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Service Terms

Yard Preparations: We do our best to provide prompt service to each and every customer. We wish to be at each customer’s home when we say we will be there. To accomplish this we need the cooperation of our customers. Emerald Green Lawn Service, Inc. needs it's customers to remove items from their lawn area that may interfere with us providing service to you. For other service such as Power Raking and Aerating we require that any sub surface obstacle be clearly marked. Underground sprinklers and low voltage lighting wiring are some examples. These preparations help us minimize delay to every customer of Emerald Green Lawn Service, Inc..

Pet Owners: Pet owners, please pick up after your animals. Cleaning animal waste off our equipment is not a favorite chore for us. Excessive animal waste may result in additional charges, or discontinuation of service. Also, please take your pet inside when we arrive to mow. If you can't be there during your scheduled service days, leave your pet inside. Animals react differently to noise and the chaos from the lawn machines can turn the friendliest pooch into an unfriendly encounter for us.

Grass Length: Your lawn estimate is good for up to 4 inches of grass length. If your lawn is growing more than 4 inches between mowings we may have to increase the frequency of mowing to compensate. If raking of the clippings, and/or a second cutting is required due to the grass length, addition charges may be applied. Excess grass length adversely affects our equipment, and the quality of the cut therefore, we reserve the right to refuse new service and/or one-time lawn mowing service of grass with excess length. First or last cuts of the year may be subject to additional cost. Please advise us if this is the first or last cut.

Dry Weather: During the winter months, the lawns in the area tend to dry up and stop growing. During this period, Emerald Green Lawn Service, Inc. will do its best to determine whether or not your lawn needs mowing. If your lawn has not grown and/or is very dry, we have no problem skipping that week's mowing, or skipping mowing until the lawn picks up again. However, sometimes that is a borderline decision. With each customer having their own opinions of their lawn, it is often difficult to guess each customer's preference. If you feel that the lawn does not need mowing because of the dry weather, please call at least one day prior to your scheduled mowing to let us know. If we skip your mowing in a dry week, and you would still like it done, give us a call, and we will come back to mow your lawn.

Fall Leaf Coverage: Unless we are otherwise notified at least one day prior to your weekly scheduled mowing, you will be charged for any blowing of leaves that may be necessary in order for us to mow your lawn. This will only apply to substantial leaf covering that prevents us from mowing.



Your Commitment

Emerald Green Lawn Service, Inc.

Ph: 727-743-7731

Any good relationship requires communication. We are here to please you, the customer. To do this, we ask that you;

  • Please read the "Scheduling", "Service Terms" and "Billing" sections so you are a well informed customer of Emerald Green Lawn Service, Inc. 
  • Please keep accounts up to date by paying invoices when issued and always keeping customer information and service requests current.
  • Tell us how we are doing and promptly inform us if you feel we are not meeting your expectations.
  • Make it possible for us to do our job in a safe, efficient and timely manner.

Thank you.

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